“Just over two years ago I found myself at 230lbs which was only ten lbs shy from my heaviest weight . That was the moment I knew I had to do something about it and get fit again,but where would I do this. I started immediately by changing my diet up and searching for a new fitness adventure. Two months later two of my old highschool friends came to me and my wife and asked if we would like to start doing Cross fit in their parents shop ,which I had seen on t.v. and was interested in doing for a long time but the closest place to do it was 35 plus minutes away. We started right away and immediately I was hooked,this was the adventure I had been looking for and to top it off my wife and I could do it together. Four months into working out my friends came to us and they going to make this permanent by opening a gym and the rest is history. Silver Creek cross fit is filled with great people to workout with and a caring , knowledgeable cross fit certified staff. Thank you Matt and Mandy Jones for creating this great opportunity in Silverton!”