Friday 12/31/2021


Friday 12/31/2021

Silver Creek Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner Chipper

In partners, grab a Plate (25/15 lb.) and complete the following, with one person working at a time:

40-cal. Row (legs only)

40 Plate Presses

40 Plate Bent-over Rows

40-cal. Row (arms and legs)

40 Plate Ground-to-overheads

Shoulder Mobility

10 Lying Internal/External Rotations

10 Plate Windmills (5 each side)

10 Push-up Complexes (1 regular Push-up + 1 Pike Push-up, 5 of each)

10-sec. Wall-facing Shoulder Stretch

10 Plate Arm Circles

2 rounds

Workout Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

Review the Power Snatch

As needed with a PVC, then with an empty Barbell.

Power Snatch Overload

Work up to a heavy double off the floor in 10 min., ideally 15-25% higher than workout weight.

RX: Metcon (Time)

Every 5 min. perform:

500-m Row

10 Power Snatches (135/85 lb.)

5 rounds

FIT: Metcon (Time)

Every 5 min. perform:

500-m Row

9 Power Snatches

5 rounds