Saturday 09/26/2020


Saturday 09/26/2020

Silver Creek Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Long Lunges (

Air Squat to Up-and-over the Fence (

Bird Peckers (

Big Skip High Knees (

Fast Feet High Knees (

Then, with a MB, perform

30-sec. MB Chest Passes

30-sec. MB Side Tosses (per side)

30-sec. MB Swing Tosses

30-sec. MB Wood Chippers (through the legs)

30-sec. MB Throw + Squat w/partner or Wall Ball

30-sec. MB Bounce Passes w/partner or Slam Ball

1-2 rounds either against a Wall or with a partner (time permitting)

(10-15 min.) Project Double-under – Session #11

Most Volume. Least Rest.

Double-unders: 6 x 80% of DU PR

* 30-sec. break between each set

Double-under attempts: 6 x 80% of DU PR. For example, if my total was 20 for the minute, then for each set I would perform 16 reps as quickly as possible.

* 30-sec. break between each set

Alternate Foot Step: 6 x 80% of New 4 Alternate Foot Step and 4 Single-unders PR

* 20-sec. rest between each set

* Prep with:

50 Power Jumps without Rope

Workout Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner 1: Bike 15/10 cal.

Partner 2: Run 200 m with Plate


Tabata Style

8 rounds – :20 sec. work/:10 sec. rest

Alt. rounds between Plate Squat Hold and Overhead Hold


Partner 1: Run 200 m with Plate

Partner 2: Bike 15/10 cal.

Metcon (Time)

In Partners

P1 performs:

24/16-cal. Bike

P2 performs:

Plate Squat Hold (15/10 lb.)


Then, both Run 400 m with Plate

Then, repeat with:

Plate Hold Overhead

Finish off with:

50 Partner Leg Throws each

* Project Double-unders
Partially Loaded

400-m Run

2-min. DB Squat Hold

400-m Run

2-min. DB Overhead Hold

400-m Run

2-min. Dragon-flags (


Warm-up (No Measure)

* Time permitting

Spend some time on the shoulders and legs with Banded Shoulder Stretches ( after yesterday’s Weighted Dips. It will serve as good prep for tomorrow.