Tuesday 04/27/2021


Tuesday 04/27/2021

Silver Creek Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

8-10 reps of each movement of the Floor Sequence

10 reps each position of the Spicy Hip Stretch

Workout Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

Review and Prep for Step-ups

10 Lunges (on the spot)

10 Step-ups (no load)

10 Step-ups (light load like DB or KB)

Using a Barbell, figure out Box height and start warming up the movement with:

4×4 reps each side

Perform the Workout

* Perform 1 set every 3-4 min. to keep the class working together and maximizing rest time.

Optional Finisher – in Partners

20 Leg Throws each – “You-go-I-go” for all 20 reps

200-m Run together

20 low Box Jumps

AMRAP 7 min.

Weighted Step-ups (3-3-3-3-3)

Partially Loaded

DB Step-ups


* Use heaviest DB possible