Tuesday 09/29/2020


Tuesday 09/29/2020

Silver Creek Crossfit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

MB Relay Game Warm-up

* Teams of 3-5 people with one MB; if different weights are needed, grab more than one MB.

* Person 1 performs a Carry with the MB and then performs reps at the other side of the room with the Ball, then returns to their team, at which point Person 2 goes, etc.

* For each leg, the fastest team chooses a quick penalty for other teams to perform, e.g., Burpees, Bear Crawl, Sit-ups, etc. (about 15-20 sec. worth).

Leg 1 – 50-ft. MB Zercher Carry (Jog or Fast Walk) –> 5-7 Zercher MB Squats –> 50-ft. MB Zercher Carry 2 rounds each person

Leg 2 – 50-ft. MB shouldered on right side –> 5-7 MB Slams (like a DB Slam) –> 50-ft. MB shouldered on left side

2 rounds each person

Leg 3 – 50-ft. MB Jog Overhead –> 5-7 Lateral Jumps over MB –> 50-ft. MB Jog Overhead

1 round only

* For gyms that are social distancing, allow 6+ ft. of distance between teammates. Each person will have their own MB.

Project Double-under – Session #12


The goal is to have them either re-test the same category, or re-test the same category + go up one and test that one out to see additional improvements. So, if I did category 2 in my baseline, I would repeat that and also test my max unbroken set of Double-unders.

Set a max unbroken set of either:

1. Double-unders

2. If their score is fewer than 5 reps, perform AMRAP Double-unders in 1 min.

3. Alternate Foot Step (https://youtu.be/2Br8nlxsQYE)

* Prep beforehand with:

50 Single-unders

40 Alternate Foot Step

30 Double-singles

20 Double-unders

Workout Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

Review MB Clean

Deadlift—Deadlift + Shrug (fast)—Front Squat—Shrug + Drop—MB Clean

Running Warm-up

25-m Out + Back

Calf Walk

Heel Walk


Side Shuffle


Run 50% Speed

Run 70% Speed

Run 90% Speed

Run 100% Speed

Prep for the Workout

Run 200 m with MB

Run 200 m

10 MB Cleans

Metcon (Time)

Run 400 m with MB (20/14 lb.)

Run 400 m

20 MB Cleans

Rest 1 min.

3 rounds

* Project Double-unders
Partially Loaded

Run 200 m with DB

Run 400 m

20 Goblet DB Cleans

Rest 1 min.

3 rounds